Friday, February 9th…

Before I continue with other prayer options, just a brief personal note…

It was 2 years ago today we buried my father. The emotions ran the spectrum that day.

It was the coldest day of the year; it snowed making the trip to church a little tricky; the wake before Mass (seeing a lot of old familiar faces); a beautiful Mass said by my uncle; the homily by Fr. Bernie; the eulogy by my brother John; the music 🙂 and the lunch following. Things happened beyond my control soon after that and the rest of the day was not the way I imagined it would go and to this day is very emotional to think about – don’t mean to leave anyone hanging, but that is all I’ll write about at this point.

A day doesn’t go by that my father is not in my prayers. I love(d) the man very much and although I miss him, I know he has reached a better place than any of us here could ever offer.

Now, other forms of daily prayer that are available to you…

1. If you’re at church, look at the back of the missalette – they’ve published a couple a great prayers. Grab your phone and take a quick picture – you’ll have them for your use wherever you are and whenever you need to offer a quick prayer.

2. There are a number of phone apps and websites you can go to for guidance/thoughts/prayers/inspiration…here are the some phone apps I have and use:

A. Laudate: This app offers a wide variety of options:
-Daily Readings & Saint of the Day
-Liturgy of the Hours
-Order of the Mass
-Daily Prayer
-Rosary and Chaplet
-Stations of the Cross
-Latin Prayers
-and much, much more

B. Catholic NAB (North American Bible)

C. iStations (of the Cross)

D. Tune-In Radio: this can either be free (and listen to ads) or I have chosen the premium where I pay a monthly fee but don’t have to listen to any adds. It is on this app that I can listen to EWTN. I enjoy most of the programming on this station, but I highly recommend listening to Catholic Answers Live – it’s broadcast live Monday thru Friday from 5pm to 7PM.

E. Bishop Robert Barron’s “Daily Gospel Reflection”: This a an email you can subscribe to to have Bishop Barron’s daily Gospel reflection sent to you…very brief but very enlightening.

I could go on and on listing numerous more apps, radio programs, etc., but I believe once you get started with a few of the options I’ve noted over the past couple of days, you’ll begin your own search and come up with ways of praying that you’re comfortable with and find inspiring. The whole point is to find the time to pray and to do it daily. Lent begins on Wednesday the 14th of February; make daily prayer your lenten sacrifice. Go to Mass on Wednesday and get the ashes on your forehead.

Seek God…He has always known you…get to know Him.

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