Friday, February 16, 2018

Did you happen to catch yesterday’s first reading from Deuteronomy?  Some pretty powerful words from Moses to the God’s chosen people as they prepared themselves to enter the promised land:

“Today I have set before you life and prosperity, death and doom.  If  you obey the commandments of the LORD, your God, which I enjoin on you today, loving Him, and walking in His ways, and keeping his commandments, statutes and decrees, you will live and grow numerous, and the LORD, your God, will bless you in the land you are entering to occupy.”  DT 30:15-16

...If you obey the commandments of the Lord.  As stated in a previous entry, I recite the 10 commandments every Tuesday while saying my rosary – with a slight twist.  For a long time, I stated them as written in the Bible, starting each one with THOU SHALT NOT…upon further reflection, I thought instead of THOU SHALT NOT, how about starting with I WILL NOT…

  1.  You are the LORD, my God, deserving of all my love.  I WILL love You with all my heart, all my mind and all my soul.  I WILL NOT place false gods before You.
  2. I will not take the name of the LORD, my God, in vain.
  3. I will always keep holy the Sabbath.
  4. I will honor my mother and father.
  5. I will not steal.
  6. I will not kill.
  7. I will not commit adultery.
  8. I will not bear false witness against my neighbor.
  9. I will not covet my neighbors house nor any of his possessions.
  10. I will not covet my neighbors wife.

The twist is this – when you pray them with I WILL NOT and not THOU SHALT NOT, it kind of makes them the 10 commitments – your acceptance of God’s commandments.

If you can, get to Mass today.  If you can, attend the Stations of the Cross.  St. Mary Magdalen has both options available to you today…


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