Saturday, February 17, 2018

I took my own advice last night and went to our parish’s Stations of the Cross for the first time in a very long time.  Doing this always brings back memories of my childhood where every Friday at 2PM our school, St. Blaise (now Holy Spirit), would head into church for the Stations of the Cross devotional.  I was young then and didn’t truly appreciate the purpose and meaning of the devotion.  I would spend most of the time thinking “How long is this going to take?” – it was Friday and man,  we were going home at the conclusion of the stations – where was everyone’s priorities.  Ah, youth.  I think what is important to note, reflecting on that experience, although I wasn’t getting much out of the experience at the time, I was there and exposed to what was going on during the stations.  See if this sounds familiar – a seed was planted.  Fast forward 40 years and that seed is blooming because last night was truly a blessed experience.  We were in a small chapel; Deacon Preiss did a wonderful job of leading us through the stations and I was able to contemplate on the great sacrifice Christ endured for us.  (As stated in an earlier post, I’ve really found inspiration in the Sorrowful mysteries.  The Stations of the Cross are just another way of contemplating Christ’s passion and death.)

I want to go back to the point I made earlier about a seed being planted.  Do you struggle with you (or your children or your spouse) not wanting to attend Mass on Sundays?  Just not getting anything out of it?  I would beg you to still go, be exposed to the experience – let the seed get planted deep inside you.  I would venture to say the seed has already been planted but just needs to nourished.  Go to Mass, nourish what God has planted deep inside you – it will bloom.  It may take more time than what you’re willing to be patient with, but pray what Jesus taught us – God’s will, NOT MINE, be done.  Make the 3rd Commandment your 3rd commitment – I will always keep Holy the Sabbath.

God bless you – get to Mass, say a Rosary, invite God into your life and be a man of prayer.


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