Monday, February 19, 2018

During the season of Lent I am doing a “RISE” challenge hosted by Chris Stefanick.  Every morning I receive an email with a short video that discusses a different topic to contemplate each morning.  Today was trust.  What is it in my life that I hold onto and try to resolve myself?  What is it that worries me to the point of depression?  What do I fear so much that not only separates me from God but from the ones that I love?  The challenge offered this morning sounds quite simple doesn’t.  Let go of whatever that fear is and trust in the Lord.  Yes, it sounds simple, doesn’t it?  If it’s simple, why do I struggle on a daily basis with worries about bills, job security, things beyond MY control but I want to have control of them anyway.  I know what my wife would tell me (and she would be right) – it’s thoughts like those that are the work of the devil himself.  So, I will now challenge myself to daily give me life to God.  Not my will, but God’s be done.  As I prayer for the wisdom to understand God’s will and pray for the courage to trust in him, I challenge each and everyone of you to do the same.  For the remainder of Lent, my first three thoughts (prayers) every morning will be simple, but I pray effective:

  1. Your will, not mine, be done.
  2. I will not be afraid.
  3. Jesus, I trust in You.

Find prayer gentleman and you will find God.

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