Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Just a couple of thoughts for you to think about this morning…

What is it that makes you get up and go through life’s challenges everyday?  Whether you still have children at home, whether you still work or are now retired, what is that motivation that drives you?  Married and happy?  Why?  Married and struggling?  Why?  Struggling with your faith or strong in faith?  When was the last time you focused on how hard things are right now? Now, when was the last time you focused on what to be thankful for?

In the 30 Day RISE Challenge, today’s challenge was to write on paper 12 things we are thankful for…so today, spend some time thinking about this.  Write that list on a piece of paper and keep it with you…add to it as you see fit.  Once you have your list of Thanksgivings, spread that thankfulness with a kind word or note to someone.  I recently received a note from someone who is following this blog telling me thanks for the daily thoughts and how much he appreciates them.  The day I received and read that note was a great day – thank you Mike.  Take time today to do that for someone.

My other thought this morning is from the Gospel of today’s readings.  Whoever strays from the least of God’s laws and teaches others to do the same, will be the least in the kingdom of God.  As a husband and father, that is quite a sobering thought.  Not only am I responsible for my adherence to way of the “Law and the Prophets”, should I stray and bring others with me – I carry that responsibility with me too. The good news (the Gospel) is that I know this and can live and change my life accordingly.  As we have read all Lent, God is always ready to forgive and as long as we are still breathing, it is never too late to repent and believe in the Gospel (think back to receiving your ashes on Ash Wednesday).   So again, I leave you with the challenge to go to confession – the sooner the better.

Do something great for God today – help build His kingdom.

His will, not mine, be done.

Be not afraid.

Jesus, I trust in You.

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