Monday March 19, 2018

I implore you to take time to either get to Mass or read today’s readings – both options of the Gospel.  Today is the Solemnity of St. Joseph, Blessed Spouse of St. Mary.  Very little is written about St. Joseph in the Gospel’s but that is ok.  The only thing that I need to know about St. Joseph is that he was picked by God to protect God’s only son here on earth.  Just as St. Mary said yes at the Annunciation, Joseph said yes too.  For ALL men, he is the model for what a spouse and father should be and so I’ve adopted him as my mentor in all things spousal and fatherly.  I try to include his intercession in all of my daily prayers.  St. Joseph, pray for me…pray for us.  Here is another little side bit you may not know about today – all of your Lenten obligations are waived today because it is a solemnity.  One quick story.  About 10 years ago (that would put me at 42 – which is an important thing to note in this story – true story), mostf my brothers and my Dad had met at my brother John’s house in Phoenix, AZ where he was living at the time.  At that time in our life, we would meet once a year to do our fantasy baseball draft.  It was a weekend to play golf, bond and just be together as brothers.  We had played golf earlier that morning (a Friday) and my brothers Jim and Jay and I were having lunch at a local pub.  As we began to order, I ordered a fish sandwich (Friday in Lent right?).  My brothers both ordered something with meat (chicken wings if I recall) and tried to convince me to do otherwise.  “Order something without fish Jerry – we won’t tell Dad.”  How funny is that – I’m 42 years old and they are promising me that they wouldn’t tell on me to Dad if I didn’t eat fish on that Friday.  I’m willing to pay dollars to donuts that they WOULD have told Dad and I’d be willing to pay dollars to donuts that Dad WOULD have given me a punishment.  Well, he would have tried – that Friday just happened to be the Solemnity of St. Joseph and as such, I could have had a triple cheeseburger and been OK by the Church’s laws.  What the hell was I thinking ordering a fish sandwich?

Today’s reflection from the Little Black Book and our fifth station both reflect on Simon of Cyrene.  In honor of St. Simon, if we are pressed into service today without our knowing or approval, think of St. Simon of Cyrene and help ease the burden of that person in need.  Your reward will be great in Heaven.

God’s will, not mine be done.

Be not afraid.

Jesus, I trust in you.

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