Wednesday May 2, 2018

Many thoughts going through my head.

First, I overslept and now feel rushed.  How is it that I wake up – without an alarm clock – at 5:36AM and feel like I’ve overslept.  I digress – need to stay on point.

Second – welcome home Mom.  After an extended stay with my brother Jay and his family out in Yelm, WA (and an unexpected hip surgery), my mother made it home safely and is back at my sister’s house.  Thank you Jay, Cheri, Abby, Peter and Holly for being the gracious hosts.

Third – I was listening to Kresta in the Afternoon yesterday on EWTN and the gentleman he was interviewing was talking about “being all in” and “going thru the motions” when it comes to the Church.  He was referring to people who have stop going to Mass or practicing their faith because they just weren’t “feeling it” anymore.  He gave a great example to argue this by stating a couple of arguments.  Would you call into work and tell them – “Hey, I’m just not feeling it today – I think I’m going to stay home.”?  Or would you call your wife and tell her “Honey, had to choose between you and having a few drinks with my buddies – I’m just not feeling it with you – I’ll catch you on the flip side.”?  How do you think that would fly?  Sometimes true love, true commitment, requires us to go through the “motions”, especially when we’re not feeling it.

The same is true for our faith.  What an example of true love and true commitment St. Mother Teresa left us when she died.  Here was a woman who was so close to God that even as a Nun felt compelled to leave the order she was with and start a new religious order dedicated to the pour of Calcutta.  It was soon after this that she experienced her “dark night of the soul” when she felt abandoned by God – she just wasn’t “feeling it”.  But because of her love for the poor and her dedication to God and the good of the Church, she went through “the motions” for decades and did the work God called her to do.  We have got to have that same commitment.  Regardless of how we feel, we have to go through “the motions” because our lives are not lived for ourselves but for all those who have come to rely on us, depend on us, trust in us and need us.  I believe that is the importance of today’s Gospel.  Jesus doesn’t casually state “remain” in Me – I think it is mentioned 8 times in this Gospel.  If we don’t remain, we will be thrown out, wither  and tossed into the fire.  If we do remain, we will be pruned and bear much fruit.  I may not be the brightest bulb in the pack, but if my choice is to remain in Christ or to be tossed aside to be burned with the rest of the withered branches, I’m choosing door number one.  So if I have to go through the motions at times in my life so be it – it’s called commitment and an example of true love not hypocrisy.  If you have left your faith because you just weren’t feeling it anymore – come back.  The first thing you’ll encounter coming back into the Church is holy water – no better way to re-nurture your withering branches than by dipping your finger into the waters of life.

God Bless you all…do something great for our Lord today.

God’s will, not mine, be done.

Be not afraid.

Jesus, I trust in You.


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