Thursday May 3, 2018

Today’s fruit of the Holy Spirit – Kindness

When I first opened this link I thought the writer was a Jesuit; turns out he is of the order of the Society of St. Sulpice (the Sulpicians).  Betch you could have gone all day and not cared about that.  Anyway, this is a very good read on meaning of kindness by  the Very Rev. J. Guibert, S.S.  I will give you a short clip from this article…

Kindness is to be felt rather than to be defined. It is better to experience it than to try to explain what it is. Moreover, its home is in the heart rather than in the intellect.

When closely looked at, kindness seems a very complex virtue; or, peradventure with greater truth, we might say that kindness is not so much a single virtue, as a happy admixture of many.

Sometimes it takes the form of a special affection, manifesting itself by gentleness, affability, obligingness, amiability and graciousness. Sometimes it takes a more active form, inspiring zeal, generosity, devotedness and self-denial. But oftener it is externally hardly more than passive, enabling the kind man to practise patience and endurance, to be indulgent and sympathetic with others, to forgive injuries, and humbly to forget himself.

That so many virtues need unite to build it up proves the worth of kindness. Its beauty and its fragrance are enhanced by its coming before us in the guise of a basket of many flowers.

If, nevertheless, it be insisted upon that we define what we mean by kindness, we are content that it be taken as that disposition of soul which inclines a man to wish well to others, and to seek to do them good. We mean, moreover, that it be deeprooted in the innermost being of man, else it must need be insincere. Kindness begins its work by making the kind man think well of others, and feel for others. This is that goodwill which suggests words of sympathy, and has its further expression in devotedness. Absolute unselfishness is its final development, for the thoroughly kind man hardly acts save for the sake of others. A man is kind in proportion as he is forgetful of his own earthly interests; and as he gives himself—–sacrifices himself—–for the good of others.

A shorter article on kindness can be found in this link.

Do you have a friend who is kind?  I do – Liz.  This woman, from the day I met her in YCM, is the living definition of kindness.  I hope she is reading this because I would never say this to her face.  She understands. She is so kind that I remember a remark made about her years ago that it had to be fake, no one could be that good all of the time.  Well, that person was wrong because she is that good all of the time.  Are we like that?  I know I can be cynical man and find fault in just about everything and everybody – just ask my kids.  I need to curb this little tick of mine because they are starting to follow in their old man’s footsteps.  One brief example – my brother Jim was visiting and we were watching some sporting event on TV.  My brother got so frustrated because I would have a snide remark about everything the commentator would say during the broadcast and so would my boys.  It was that bad that my brother Jim commented on it.  So again I ask – am I kind?  Are you kind?  Take a minute to read the definition and then take a few minutes to reflect on this GIFT given to us by the Holy Spirit.  The world could use more people like Liz; let’s make it our goal to be kind to all just as Christ was.

Do something great for our Lord today; do something kind for your neighbor.

God’s will, not mine, be done.

Be not afraid.

Jesus, I trust in You.

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