Thursday May 10, 2018

What is gentleness?  As I was reading an article on line, my first thought about the article was – eh.  I kept reading and the more I read, the more I understood what the meaning of gentleness is.  That brief statement both defines what gentleness is AND what gentleness isn’t.  EH – meaning that’s not how I would describe it – is exactly what gentleness isn’t.  God wants us to give Him control of our lives. Relying on our own logic, we have no impetus to submit to God’s leadership.  So relying on my own logic, I was thinking EH.  BUT, I kept reading.  And because I kept reading, I came to a better understanding of gentleness.  To be gentle is to recognize that God’s ways and thoughts are high above our own (Isaiah 55:9).  Let me post the link now so you’ll have a better understanding of where I’m going with my thoughts.  Gentleness

Forgive me, but the best example of gentleness I can offer you is to offer an example of what is not.  A few years ago, my daughter made a post on facebook that upset one of her cousins.  I am not going to rehash all the details here because I’m afraid there may still be some raw emotions.  In the words of the wise philosopher Jerry Seinfeld, I’m going to yada yada yada my way through that.  What I will tell you was that one post turned into an all out facebook brawl that was turning my family (children/wife) against family (my brothers/my children’s cousins).  All involved thought they were defending what they believed to be true, but in reading the posts not one involved understood the meaning of gentleness.  The posts were all trying to defend their arguments in favor of what was being argued and they turned ugly – UGLY.  What reminded me of this facebook “argument” was this from our post today…When we are filled with the Spirit’s fruit of gentleness, we will correct others with easiness instead of arguing in resentment and anger, knowing that their salvation is far more important than our pride (2 Timothy 24-25).  I will tell you that cooler heads did prevail and we are still a close family unit.  Most of will be getting together on the 19th to celebrate my nephew Jeffery’s wedding and to bid him a fond farewell as he heads to northern Minnesota to be begin his life as an emergency room doctor.  All of us will be gathering on the 4th of July for a family reunion.  We will forgive readily, because any offense toward us is nothing compared to our offenses against God—offenses He’s already forgiven (Matthew 18:23-35). 

So who would have thunk it – in describing gentleness, I used my family.  God works in mysterious ways.

Read the post and spend some time in thought about that today.  And then do something great for our Lord today.

God’s will, not mine be done.

Be not afraid.

Jesus, I trust in you.

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