the angel of the Lord appeared…

I did a quick internet search this morning.  I was curious to know how many times the phrase “the angel of the Lord appeared” in the bible (which I pulled from this mornings Gospel).  It is stated about 65 times in the text of the Hebrew Bible.  Curious as to why I looked that up?  It appears as if an angel of the Lord appeared in my front yard sometime between last night and this morning.  My daughter Mary called on her way out to work this morning and asked it I had seen the limb that fell in our front yard.  I had not and told her such, but she insisted I go outside and look.  It started raining late yesterday afternoon, early evening and must have rained pretty hard through the night.  On top of that, I must have been really, really tired because I didn’t hear this “limb” fall.  Have I peeked your curiosity yet?  Look here…


How does something this large, this awkward, this heavy, fall so gently that it didn’t touch the house, it didn’t scratch the siding, it didn’t come through my window, it didn’t even knock my landscaping bricks out of alignment (nice job Jim).  How does that happen?  Again, it appears an angel of the Lord grabbed this thing coming down from the tree and set it gently where it lies right now.  That is a small miracle.  To quote our families favorite quarterback…”THANK YOU JESUS!!!”.

Do something great for our Lord today – thank Him for guardian angels.

God’s will, not mine, be done.

Be not afraid; just have faith.

Jesus, I trust in You.

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