Ol’ Abner has done it again…

For those who don’t live in St. Louis or follow our beloved Cardinals, you probably never heard Mike Shannon call a live baseball game.  One of his favorite lines (and he has many), is Ol’ Abner has done it again.  He is, of course, referring to Abner Doubleday who was the genius who came up with the game of baseball.  Baseball (and its lengthy season) is like sipping a fine wine or some might say smoking a good cigar – it isn’t something you want to rush through, but sit back, relax and enjoy.  So, the Cardinals started this week with their destiny in their own hands – 1.5 games up (over Colorado) with 6 to play.  They were in contention not only for the second wild card, but the top wild card (home field advantage for the wild card play-in game) and also in contention to win the National Central Division.  The two teams they needed to beat where their only remaining games  – Milwaukee at St. Louis for 3 & then head to Chicago for 3 to close out the regular season.  So here it is Thursday, having been swept by Milwaukee here at home and now we head to Chicago trailing in the final wild card spot to the LA Dodgers by 1 game.  So who does LA play this weekend – none other than their most hated rivals – The San Francisco Giants – in San Francisco.  Again, Ol’ Abner has done it again!!  I do think some credit needs to be given to the former commissioner of baseball – Bud Selig – who’s idea it was to implement the wild card game(s).  In the past, the regular season for the most part was wrapped up (playoff teams determined) by mid-September at the latest, but for the past number of years since the implementation of the wild card, it comes down to final weekend of the regular season.  As my brother John often says – good stuff.

On top of that, Tiger Woods won for the first time in 5 years last Sunday PLUS the USA vs. the Europe in the Ryder Cup this weekend!!  My son Richard’s golf-fest/bachelor party down at the Lake this weekend (I’m only going for golf tomorrow morning), food truck night at St. Mary Magdalen on Friday night (with none other than Bob Kuban playing live music); our back to work choir party on Saturday night; and the Divine Nest fund raiser dinner on Sunday night…this makes for a weekend to quote Kurt Warner again…Thank you Jesus!!!  (Can’t wait to get back to work on Monday so I can get some rest!!!)

On a more somber note, please pray for the family of Karen Frossard, whose funeral Mass will be on Friday morning.  Sarah and I got to know Karen, Mike and her family through St. Mary Magdalen and had the pleasure of doing the music for their daughter’s weddings.  Karen was a beautiful person and will be missed among her family at St. Mary Magdalen.  May her soul, and the souls of the just, through the Mercy of God, rest in peace.

Prayer Request…

Name: Phil Blahut

Comment: I ask our faith community to add my wife’s sister, Mary Babb, to their daily prayers. She is a strong, physically fit and very active Christian, who was recently diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of her uterus which is a very aggressive cancer. A radical surgery has been scheduled for next week to remove infected areas. Please pray for God’s mercy, healing and that we understand his will for Mary and her family. Thank you!

Do something great for our Lord today – get your grass cut ‘cuz it ain’t gonna happen this weekend.

God’s will, not mine, be done.

Be not afraid, just have faith.

Jesus, I trust in You.

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