O Come, O Come Emmanuel…

Veni, Veni Emmanuel

I can hear my brother Jim now – what the “heck” (but not heck) is that “crud” (but not crud”.  That, my brother, is the Latin for “O Come, O come, Emmanuel” – without a doubt my favorite Advent hymn.  For a music director, it is the perfect hymn to use as the entrance hymn throughout the 4 Sunday’s of Advent.  Verses 1 & 2 (1st Sunday), verses 3 & 4 (2nd Sunday), verses 5 & 6 (3rd Sunday) and verses 7 &1 the 4th Sunday).  Why only 2 verses per week?  Did I mention my wife and I are music directors for a Catholic church?  One of the many traditions in the Catholic church is that the opening hymn should only be 2 verses long!  Think I’m kidding, try doing a 3rd verse and let me know how many people comment on that after Mass.  I digress…but because this hymn has 7 verses to it and because they all hold such great meaning for the season, we are able to use this throughout Advent and sing out the meaning of each written verse.  Again, by far, my favorite Advent hymn.  So, curious about its “O”rigins (that will make more sense if you keep reading on), I did a search on when it was the hymn was written and boy did I get some interesting info.  Rather than me try and put it in words here, I’m finding it much more meaningful (easier on my time allowance for these posts) to give you a hyperlink to follow.  So here is this mornings link – When was O Come O Come Emmanuel written?

Over the years there have been many recordings of this hymn – one which was posted above – but I think the one my wife enjoys the most is the interpretation of this hymn by Mannheim Steamroller.

Do something great for our Lord today – continue to prepare for the season of Advent.  Reading and reflecting on Today’s Readings would be a great start.

God’s will, not mine, be done.

Be not afraid; just have faith.

Jesus, I trust in You.

2 thoughts on “O Come, O Come Emmanuel…

  1. I love this advent hymn too and love singing it. It takes me back to our Christmas novenas at St. Pius V – we would enter the dark church wearing choir robes, holding lit candles, and singing this hymn.


    1. St. Pius V?  Is that the church on Grand just down from Tower Grove?  Sarah and I used to go to Mass there when we lived on Louisiana (just across from St. Elizabeth’s).  Our favorite church thought was St. Anthony Of Padua.  I coached my first soccer team while living in that parish.  I also received my first (and only) “red card” as a coach in the very first game I coached with them.  Aah, such fond memories.


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