A great prophet has arisen in our midst and God has visited his people.

Today’s responsorial psalm struck a note with me this morning.  I pray that we as a nation have not turned our back on God.  Some may or may not agree that as a nation we should have God as our source of strength and enlightenment.  The book of Job tells me that it is the Lord who gives and the Lord who takes away – either way, Blessed Be the Lord.  In times of stress, I do not look to the government for relief – I pray to God.  In times of joy, I do not thank the government for all that they’ve done for me – I thank the Lord.  So take some time to read our readings from Mass today.  Take some extra time and reflect on our Psalm…

from Psalm 106:

R.(4a) Remember us, O Lord, as you favor your people.
We have sinned, we and our fathers;
we have committed crimes; we have done wrong.
Our fathers in Egypt
considered not your wonders.
R. Remember us, O Lord, as you favor your people.
But soon they forgot his works;
they waited not for his counsel.
They gave way to craving in the desert
and tempted God in the wilderness.
R. Remember us, O Lord, as you favor your people.
They forgot the God who had saved them,
who had done great deeds in Egypt,
Wondrous deeds in the land of Ham,
terrible things at the Red Sea.
R. Remember us, O Lord, as you favor your people.
Then he spoke of exterminating them,
but Moses, his chosen one,
Withstood him in the breach
to turn back his destructive wrath.
R. Remember us, O Lord, as you favor your people.

A few more questions for thought.  Who will be our Moses in these times?  Who is it that can save us from ourselves?  Have we forgotten the wondrous deeds of the God who brought the Pilgrims here from England?  We do have someone who can save us much the way Moses interceded for the Israelites.  It is the same person we read about everyday in the Gospel.  Jesus is our savior.  Jesus is our mediator.  Jesus died on the cross to free us from all of the bonds of sin and death.  Turn to Christ today and tomorrow and everyday of your life.  Thank God for that wonderful gift called the Cross upon which all of our sins, all of our debts, all of our transgressions were paid for in full.  Find Christ, find God and then and only then, will you find America – land of the free and the brave.

Do something great for our Lord today – seek Him.  Look for Him in all that you do today.  Should you find Him, give Him a hug for all of us.  If you don’t find Him – keep praying and He will find you.

God’s will, not mine, be done.

Be not afraid; just have faith.

Jesus I trust in You.

He must increase; I must decrease.

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