The just rejoice and exult before God; they are glad and rejoice. Sing to God, chant praise to his name; whose name is the LORD.

Today is a National Holiday here in the States – Labor Day.  A time to sit back and take stock, give thanks to the men and women who work tirelessly everyday to make this Country of ours a great place to live.  Want to know how it all started – I’m posting a little clip from the History channel.

Labor Day Origins

I have a crew working today, of all days, at the GM plant in Wentzville.  I will be heading to Mass here in a few minutes and will offer up today’s Mass for their safety and the safety of all those who work in the construction field.  I hope all can be thankful for the bountiful work we currently have here in the States and I hope they truly understand where the praise and thanksgiving should be directed.  Not President Trump, not the Democratic or Republican parties, not the labor unions or local mayors…as in all things, all praise should be given to God first.  It is through God that ALL things are possible.  One last thought (I know, a short post this morning), I have always connected the following song with Labor Day…

We are one in the Spirit

Do something great for our Lord today – make it your goal to offer all your labors for His greater glory.

God’s will, not mine, be done.

Be not afraid; just have faith.

Jesus, I trust in You.

He must increase; I must decrease.

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