Bah da bump bah ba…I’m loving it.

Hey, they quote isn’t from the Bible – it’s from a McDonald’s commercial.  As the work day wound down yesterday and we were watching the game show network, the discussion began as to what it was we were going to have for dinner.  My wife mentioned she would really like a fish sandwich from McDonald’s so we loaded up the truck and took off for the Golden Arches.  I was streaming Catholic Answer’s live on the way there and turning onto Clarkson from Clayton road, the guest on the program made a comment that stuck in my head and is still ringing in it right now.

The topic was the struggle for Evangelicals to convert to Catholicism.  One of the biggest stumbling blocks for them is the infallibility of the Pope.  The guest, whose name I didn’t catch (tuned in late to the program), was a former evangelical who converted.  It was this statement that he made that I thought was simple, beautiful and profound.  He said that God speaks infallibly through fallible people.  Again, God speaks infallibly through fallible people.  David – an adulterer and murderer – penned the Psalms for us that we still pray fervently to this day.  Matthew, Mark, Luke, John – all fallible people who have given us the Gospels, the Good News, the Truth that is infallible.  Was there a man who hated the early church more than Saul?  Through God’s conversion of Saul’s mind and soul, are there any more beautiful words written than those of St. Paul?

And it didn’t stop through after the works of the Bible.  God is still using us to spread His word – His INFALLIBLE word – through His fallible sons and daughters.  Bishop Barren, Mother Angelica, Scott Hahn, Mother Teresa, Pope John Paul II, Pope Francis.  These are all fallible men and women who have shared the infallible message of God.  You too can do the same.  We are all sinners but we can all become saints – people who trust more in the love of God than in the love of man.  Fallible people spreading the infallible Word.

Do something great for our Lord today – repent and believe in the Gospel, the Good News of God.  Repent and spread the word that God’s love is greater than anything we could ever achieve on our own.  Repent and be that fallible person who delivers that infallible message to the ones around you.

God’s will, not mine,  be done.

Be not afraid; just have faith.

Jesus, I trust in You.

He must increase; I must decrease.

Lord, if You wish, You can make me clean.

But you man of God, chose righteousness, devotion, faith, love, patience and gentleness.  Compete well for the faith.

Eternal God, in Whom mercy is endless and the treasury of compassion – inexhaustible, look kindly upon us and increase Your mercy in us so that in difficult moments we may not despair nor become despondent but with great confidence, submit ourselves to Your holy will which is Love and Mercy itself.

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