Let all your works give you thanks, O LORD, and let your faithful ones bless you. Let them discourse of the glory of your Kingdom and speak of your might.

I know it has been a couple of weeks since my last post – my apologies. This week I would to spend some time contemplating yesterday’s Gospel. Yesterday Jesus gave the “keys to the Kingdom” to Peter – the rock upon which the Church would be built.

Most people who read this blog know that I am a cradle Catholic and have no problems sharing that with anyone who asks what faith I profess. I believe that the Catholic church is the Church established by Jesus for us to follow in His ways and yesterday’s Gospel is the basis of that belief. Today I would like to share someone else’s thoughts on this topic, a man I believe is destined to be elevated as a saint for the works he did here for us promoting God’s greatness; one who gave his life to the work of the Lord…Bishop Fulton Sheen. This is a rather long talk about Peter – the Vicar of Christ, but it is so beautiful in its content; I hope you take the time to listen to this more than once.

Peter – the Vicar of Christ

Do something great for our Lord today – spend some time in reflection about the origins of your church.

Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! 
How inscrutable are his judgments and how unsearchable his ways!
For who has known the mind of the Lord
or who has been his counselor?
Or who has given the Lord anything
that he may be repaid?

For from him and through him and for him are all things. 
To him be glory forever. Amen.

God’s will, not mine, be done.

Be not afraid; just have faith.

Jesus, I trust in You.

He must increase; I must decrease.

Lord, if You wish, You can make me clean.

But you man of God chose righteousness, devotion, faith, love, patience and gentleness. Compete well for the faith.

For from Him and through Him and for Him are all things. To Him be glory forever.

Eternal God, in Whom mercy is endless and the treasury of compassion – inexhaustible, look kindly upon us and increase Your mercy in us so that in difficult moments we may not despair not become despondent but with great confidence submit ourselves to Your holy will which is Love and Mercy itself.

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